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注射用 冻干燥用四氟乙烯膜丁基胶塞

发布时 :2017-06-08阅读次 :

Laminated Butyl Rubber Stopper for Freeze-drying

符合标 :ISO8871/Q/HF.J2010-09

适用范 :高活性药剂/高敏感 药剂/酸性较 药剂/碱性较 药剂。
特征: 塞与药物接触面为FEP、ETFE或PTFE膜材料 与药剂相容性好,澄明度高。

DMF:27699 ETFE 溴化丁 覆膜胶塞 

DMF:27698 ETFE 氯化丁 覆膜胶塞

Applicable scope : High activity drug ,High sensitive drug ,Strong acidic drug ,Strong alkaline drug.

Feature: The contact surface of rubber stopper and drug is FEP,ETFE or PTFE, which has good clarity and is stable with drug.

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